5 Tips For Installing Rooftop Commercial HVAC Unit

5 Tips For Installing Rooftop Commercial HVAC Unit
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Large commercial and residential buildings often have special requirements to make them profitable, and a rooftop HVAC unit is usually a necessity to ensure the lease or purchase areas give clients the most square footage for their money. Additional bracing for a heavy unit is one consideration to discuss with clients, and even certified technical assistance for starting up the unit can be part of the conversation. Whether a building is getting a replacement unit or a completely new installation, here are some tips that can make the installation more successful.

A Complete Roof Inspection

The age of a building can be an indicator that roofing work may need to be done, but even the newest buildings can experience leaks and weak spots. When it is time to discuss the site preparations with the building’s owners, taking the time to inspect the whole roof could help the client save money over the long run.

Severe weather events, materials failure, and even vandalism are all concerns for building owners today. Repairing a small leak while a unit is being installed will save costs that may escalate if they are allowed to grow larger. The work can be scheduled to coincide with the installation to smooth over the necessity for separate work crews, and it can help ensure customer satisfaction by letting a client know the entire job has been done well. A secure roof with no leaks generally leads to a more useful building that brings in profits and customers.

The Installation Schedule

Clients with commercial or residential property may have their own clients who want to know when the installation will be complete and whether or not it will interfere with their business or lifestyle. It is important to create and proffer the installation schedule so everyone involved knows exactly what should be occurring and when it will happen. While there may be delays outside of the control of the contractor, a solid schedule with explanations of what needs to occur in the correct order to get the work done with a minimum of disruption can ease the journey for everyone involved.

One of the most difficult parts of the work can be keeping the area clear of vehicles and pedestrians during the HVAC crane service operation. Knowing the exact day and time that will take place will help with keeping the area secure and avoiding dangerous incidents where people may be injured or job supplies are damaged. Avoiding the need to wait for vehicle owners to be located can make the work go faster, and it means less idle time for the crew. Any customer with a large commercial facility will see the need for letting any tenants know the schedule and enforcing it to save time and money.

Reserve a Crane

Units for commercial buildings are designed with everything in one piece of equipment, and they are much heavier than regular residential HVAC units that are split into two parts. Even if the building is only a single story, has good stair access, and there are plenty of workers to shoulder the load, it pays to reserve a crane for lifting the unit. The rental fee is an investment in ensuring the unit is not damaged, and it can make installation easier when the operator places it in the exact location needed in a timely fashion.

There are options for a Sacramento crane rental that should take into account the need for an excellent crane rental service with experienced operators. Dependable Crane has available rentals with a highly trained and efficient staff. Safety is their number one goal, and they provide crews able to plan and expedite the work of lifting heavy loads that can be tailored for any weight load or building.

Plan for Delays

It would be wonderful if every job ran according to plan and schedule, but it is not always realistic. It is important to let the customer know that mandatory inspections can hold up the work, and even a weather event could make it impossible to get the HVAC unit onto the roof immediately upon delivery. Even a need to wait for bracing material to support the new load on the roof could be an issue. Part of the plan for delays should include finding storage for the unit rather than leaving it on the ground at the building site.

Customers may find it difficult to deal with holdups on a previously scheduled job, but delays are all part of the construction industry. Many communities now require permits and inspections before the final installation on any job, and that alone can create an issue. While commercial HVAC units are built to withstand the outdoors, ground level storage presents its own series of issues. Modern driving habits and vandalism are just two that need to be avoided to get a job back on schedule and keep the unit safe.

Searching for appropriate storage options at the last minute could be difficult, so calling Dependable Crane before the delivery date is an excellent idea. In addition to providing speciality HVAC crane service and Sacramento crane rental, their storage facilities are set up with large HVAC units in mind. More than just a crane rental service, they can help with many facets of the job from delivery of the unit on the ground to its placement on the roof.

Certified Tech Installation

The units destined for large buildings are often quite complex, and setting them up could require a certified technician. Many manufacturers may have recommendations for their units that require a person specifically trained for installation to keep the warranty in force. The cost might appear to be nothing more than an additional expense, but it is an investment in savings down the road. A unit that has its controls expertly managed right from the start will perform better and tend to last longer. It may also avoid calling in another technician months later for adjustments down the line when residents or building users are unhappy with the new service.

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