How Much Does Crane Rental Cost? A Guide for Project Costs

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A profitable bid on any job means getting the numbers right, and it helps to have a rough knowledge of what costs will run before doing the research. This blog post is designed to assist you with understanding the factors that go into how much it can cost to rent a crane and the reasons companies have price variances.

The factors associated with costs for renting a crane on any job will vary, and they include the location, the type of lifting needed, the duration of the rental, and even the qualified personnel necessary to accomplish the work. That means each crane rental will have its own cost when adding up the variables, but there are basic considerations that will help. We hope that reading this guide will provide an understanding of the costs involved and what to expect when hiring a reliable crane rental company like Dependable Crane.

Type of Job and Crane

There are many different types of jobs that require a crane, so it often depends upon the weight of the items to be lifted. Smaller cranes can be used on many residential projects when trusses are hoisted to create the underpinnings of the roof, and they tend to be much less expensive than those used to lift beams for a large commercial building.

Weight alone may not be the only factor when choosing the right size for the job. There could be height issues, and power lines could require extra lift capability to get past them. When considering a crane rental company, these factors should be part of the information researched when investigating costs. They can greatly affect how much the rental will be due to the capacity and height of the crane needed to safely and successfully get the work done.

Location of the Work

It would seem that location would not be a large factor when choosing a Sacramento crane rental, but it could be important due to the work necessary to move the crane to the site. A tower crane will require assembly after it has been towed to the site, and it will be an additional expense that should be considered.

Many areas are flat and will need nothing more than a truck mounted crane. This is generally the least expensive option for a mobile crane, but ensuring it can do the work may be a decision point. Using a reputable company that can confirm the loads and location variables is one reason to use Dependable Crane. Their software can model any job site and crane action to get a beforehand confirmation that you are choosing the best equipment for a particular job.

Rental Duration

While there may be construction jobs that will require a crane for only one small portion of the work, some jobs could need a mobile crane throughout the project. Looking at the cost of renting equipment for a day here and there might be cut by renting it for the entire length of the project. Savings could seem unlikely in this case, but the availability of the crane whenever it is needed could cut costs by keeping the job on schedule. The actual rental price over the length of the job may be another way to save money if the crane rental company offers discounts for a longer rental period. Looking into this could help make your bid more profitable.

Qualified Personnel

Lifting heavy objects safely requires trained and qualified personnel so this could be one more cost associated with a Sacramento crane rental. Operators are responsible for moving the crane and the item it is lifting, but they are not the only workers necessary. The job of riggers is to attach the items to be lifted with straps onto the hook, and they are generally the people guiding the load as the operator mans the controls. It can be essential to have a crew used to working together for a safe and efficient day of moving the project forward.

While there could be no need for flagmen on a commercial site that is closed to the public, many smaller projects in remote areas or residential jobs could require them to help control traffic flow. Their work can be essential in keeping vehicles and even pedestrians away from the work and informing the lifting crew when the area has been secured for lifting operations to commence.

Other Factors

Any complex project will have plenty of issues that need to be addressed, and your bid will reflect them in terms of cost. Using a crane instead of excessive manpower can save money, but it needs to reflect all the costs associated with its use.

Governments have their own ways of ensuring public safety, and they generally start with the need for a permit. While not every project that requires a crane for lifting will need one, checking with local authorities is recommended. In some cases, a permit alone will not be the only cost. It is against the law in most places to use a crane without having flagmen available to ensure safety. A timely reminder here is to make sure to ask when considering using a crane.

Utilities have publicized the need to avoid interruption, and you have probably run into issues with safely avoiding them on many jobs. Cranes are different than most construction equipment due to the height of lifting. Power and cable lines may be in the way on a job site, but some utilities are willing to temporarily disconnect them. It will come at a cost, but it should be much less expensive than paying for line repairs.

Construction season may sound like a myth to some, but there are often times when many contractors are busy. Demand can play havoc with renting any equipment needed when several different companies are working in an area. It could pay to get a reservation in before other contractors have already claimed their cranes. During busy times it can cost more to get a crane because it has to be rented from another professional company and shipped to the area.

Jared Maxwell

Jared Maxwell

Jared has been a NCCCO certified operator for over 15 years and is a certified lift plan professional. He enjoys spending time with his wife and dogs along with training BJJ.

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