Preparing Your Mobile Crane Service Equipment To Operate In Cold Weather

Crane rental Service in Cold Weather
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Change is the weather is constant, and there is nothing that you can do about it. It becomes the responsibility of mobile crane service to keep crane equipment in good condition during weather changes. Cold weather can be unfavorable for major mechanical equipment, including cranes. Nonetheless, there are simple ways to prepare crane equipment for cold weather.

Practical steps to prepare crane equipment for cold weather

The weather should stop the use of a crane or deter the service of a crane rental service. In cold weather, if proper care is taken, crane equipment can function effectively without hassles. However, not without the owner or operator taking some simple steps. Each of the heeding below addresses steps to operate a crane in cold weather.

Lubricate ahead of winter

Preparing crane equipment for cold weather starts ahead of the winter. It is vital to lubricate the equipment appropriately ahead of the cold weather. The engine system especially needs lubrication. The lubricant keeps the engine system away from freezing during cold weather.

Likewise, both the transmission system and the hydraulic system of the machine must be lubricated. The lubricant must be added appropriately to ensure it flows to the right part of the machine. It is not out of place to check the level with a dipstick. All of these are attempts to prepare the machine ahead of the cold weather.

Moreover, caution must be taken when applying lubricant to crane machines. The reason is that it is not all lubricants that apply to the crane equipment. Lubricating the machine is done with regard to the manufacturer’s recommendation. If it is the first attempt, it is advisable to seek guidance in the equipment manual.

Properly clean the filter and hydraulic hoses.

One of the most common challenges the crane rental business faces during cold weather is the starting issue. The more significant percentage of this case is traceable to dirty filters. The filters in the machine are liable to attract more dirt than in dry weather.

There are three major filters in a crane machine system. They are the air, the fuel, and the hydraulic filter. These three must be clean periodically to ensure they are in good condition. When dirty, replacing filters is suitable before they result in machine failure.

Likewise, the hydraulic hoses of crane equipment are quick to damage in cold weather. The unfavorable weather can lead to a crack in the hose which eventually results in malfunctioning of the hydraulic system. It is a good idea to check for cracks or breakage in the hoses. To avoid equipment failure, there is a need to replace broken ones.

Make use of an Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) batteries

Crane machines make use of different types of batteries. Meanwhile, not all batteries are built to function in cold weather. The weather is capable of altering the performance of the battery in a crane machine. Likewise, the battery charge can be drastically reduced as a result of cold weather.

Fortunately, there is a unique battery type specially built with the ability to withstand cold weather. It is the most recommended battery for a mobile crane service that operates in winter. It is a lead-acid battery with a spill-proof fiberglass mat. The mat enables the battery to absorb sulphuric acid, resulting in a reduction in battery life.

The AGM battery has many other advantages over a standard battery. The AGM battery makes use of internal resistance, which aids its longer life span. Regardless of the internal resistance, the battery is capable of producing high currents as and when due. It equally does not need to be charged periodically like the standard battery. It can store power for a long time and possess a low self-discharge rate.

Pay attention to the crane equipment storage facility

Not all crane operators could afford to use the AGM battery. However, it is possible to maintain the standard crane battery in cold weather. It is possible not to make use of the crane at all times in the weather. As such, it is essential to pay attention to where it is stored while on break.

It is a bad idea to leave a crane machine outside in the open during winter. Such acts leave the equipment covered by snow which may be disastrous to some of its components. It is recommended to keep the crane machine in place with warm temperatures. This act enhances the easy starting of the engine at any time.

Moreso, when the cold is extreme, using an engine heater is the best option. Most times, there are engine heaters installed in some parts of the machines. Engine block heaters are the most used engine heater for crane equipment. It helps keep the machine warm and discourages battery self-discharge.

Warm the engine regularly.

Cold weather does not only affect the engine of a crane machine. It can also result in the brittleness of wires and the hoses in the equipment. Warming the engine for a few minutes before using the machine will enhance the condition of the engine, the wires, and the hydraulic hoses. Cycling through the lift function is also necessary to help the fluids move through the machine.

It is also important to warm up the drive system. Move the machine forward and backward in a gentle manner. Increasing the speed gradually till it is operating at the right speed is a good option also. This move is capable of reducing hose failure and leakages. Consequently, it will save the machine from breaking down during winter.

Bottom Line

Cold weather can be unfavorable to most mechanical equipment, including crane machines. Learning how to prepare mobile crane service equipment for cold weather is therefore essential. To avoid breaking down of machines or starting issues, it requires taking some steps.

Moving components of the machine must be properly lubricated. Likewise, give adequate attention to filters, hydraulic hoses, and the battery. Perhaps crane service near me is your question. The crane rental service of dependable cranes should be your utmost consideration.

Danny Matranga

Danny Matranga

Danny has been in the crane industry for well over 22 years.. He enjoys racing dwarf cars and wake surfing.

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