Reduce Landscaping Cost with a Crane Rental Company Near Me

Crane Rental Company Near Me
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Landscaping is an essential part of everyone’s lives, especially in Sacramento. Having a well-groomed garden or front yard for your business will attract more Californians. In addition, many private residences have owners associations that require regular maintenance and upkeep to avoid fines. With too much demand, it is no surprise that landscaping companies are popping up left and right. However, using a crane rental company near me can help reduce the costs associated with your next big project!

The problem when you’re a contractor looking to provide quality landscaping services is that you save money by having fewer workers. The fewer amount of people running around performing the labor, the more you can profit from your business. This is a bit of an issue when you consider how many more oversized items are often required to be moved by the business owners or homeowners. So what do you do when you have to relocate a giant boulder, and all you have are five guys with weed whackers?

Crane Rental Companies

So, where do you start? A reputable boom truck and mobile crane renting company will reduce your overall expense. When you operate a small group of workers, you cannot afford to purchase a brand new piece of heavy truck equipment. Not every job will require a giant boom to move a boulder or pick up a tree. The wiser decision would be to rent a crane from a company. This way, you can pass on the initial investment and maintenance to someone else while paying only a small fee for the service.

Most smaller landscaping companies do not have the startup capital to buy a full boom truck. Even if they do, they still run into the problem of finding OSHA-certified operators to work during the day. Those operators tend to make more than the rest of the landscaping crew and will quickly eat into profit margins. Renting a crane near you is way less expensive as you only pay for the rental time and not the initial investment.

Considerations When Renting a Boom Truck Near Me

What is the scope of the job you have to complete? Does it require the use of a boom to move large objects? What is the plan layout you have discussed with the owner? While some smaller jobs can be performed by a couple of landscaping artists or homeowners, performing tasks that require a lot more power isn’t going to happen. Here are a few of the reasons to rent a mobile crane for your next landscaping job.

Moving Heavy Objects

California is a diverse environment full of many different cultures. That means there is a need to perform landscaping to a lot of different desires. For example, you could have a Buddhist rock garden in one yard directly next to an old English royal park in the next and a desert landscape across the street. Even in the case of homeowners associations, there is a great deal of variance.

Renting a book truck gives you the horizontal and vertical flexibility to lift heavy objects from one location to the next without having to hire a massive team of guys to physically pick things up. Objects like professional stonework or boulders are often used for visual impact. They have to be placed just right, or else the owner is unsatisfied. Renting a crane gives you the ability to be exact with your placements so you can directly follow the agreed-upon landscape plan.

Planting Trees

Sacramento is full of foliage of all shapes and sizes, and that is no different for the trees people want to have in their landscape design. It is very common to see different maple trees next to oaks and tupelos for ornamentation. Each of these trees can get pretty big in size, even when they are saplings for planting. Without some form of heavy machinery, you will be hard-pressed to move those trees around yourself.

Trees become an even bigger problem when there are root systems involved. You need a decent mobile crane to pull the tree up high enough to secure its roots without causing harm to neighbors or erosion concerns. Even a young maple can be up taller than a one-story house. A crane safely lifts each tree while protecting it and your workers from harm’s way.

Removing Dead Trees and Bushes

Some owners are left with mature trees, cactus, and bushes that have sunk their root systems deep into the ground. You would need a team of heavy lifters to perform the work manually. It makes far more sense to hire a boom truck rental company near you to complete the job instead.

Stump grinding a dead tree won’t actually remove the entire plant from the ground. If you do not get the whole root system out, you run the risk of the tree sprouting again, which can restrict your future landscaping and building plans in that area. To be sure you have entirely removed unwanted trees and bushes, you need to get every piece of its plant system, which is best accomplished with a mobile crane.

Installing a Pool, BBQ, or Patio

Sacramento knows how to have a good time. The backyard areas of homes all over the valley are littered with pools, in-ground BBQs, play structures, and porches that require maintenance and installation. Most people will want to hire a company that can install a prefabricating solution to their landscaping needs, and that is going to require a boom truck. You simply cannot expect a smaller landscaping company to lift the casing of a pool around a house and into the backyard.

Consider the size of most city lots in Sacramento. Do you really think a fiberglass pool is going to fit around the side gate? You’re going to need the ability to lift that pool around or over fences. The best method for this is a boom truck that can get as close as possible to the final location and then use its boom arm for the final placement.

Placing Garden Accessories, Ponds, and Statues

While most outdoor art pieces can be moved from their point of origin to your location on a truck, getting them from the truck to their final destination in your perfectly landscaped space is a whole other challenge. Using a boom truck rental company near me will allow you the versatility to lift and place heavier garden ornamentations.

This is also true for those objects that may have odd shapes. Most custom-built fountains are not easy to lift in on a flatbed and slide into place. You have to safely secure them and gently use a bit more horizontal control to get them just right into their intended location.

Saving Money on Your Crane Rental

Even when you finally decide to hire a crane rental company near me, you still have to find ways of efficiently and effectively using the equipment and time, so you stay within, or better yet, under budget. Remember, any cost savings you can create along your rental journey will mean greater profits for your landscaping situation.

There are a few preparation items you can complete to best leverage your rental time and save money.

Make Sure You Rent the Correct Boom Truck

Whenever you work with a crane rental company like Dependable Crane in Sacramento, you want to ensure you have rented the correct crane for the job you will perform. When you call them up and request a quote, be sure to clearly communicate your landscaping plan, so they understand the equipment you are going to need. Have a complete understanding of the cargo you will be moving and the distance, weight rating, height, and scope of your landscape plan ready to go before discussing what crane to use. The last thing you want is a small crane to arrive for a large project.

Outline All Possible Hazards

Boom trucks have a lot of mobility, but even the best operator can sometimes get stuck or snagged by unknown obstacles. It will save you a lot of potential time and money to clearly outline where any obstacles may be on the jobsite before your rented mobile crane arrives. Take the time to walk through the landscaping job and marking obstacles like trees, buildings, underground low depth pipes, culverts, soft spots, overhead wires, or branches. Your operator will really appreciate the information upfront and will plan before they arrive, saving you the time it would have taken them to adjust during the job.

Clear the Jobsite

You can go a step further than just marketing off where obstacles are in the location and actually move debris and movable objects out of the pathway of the boom truck rental. Put up red flags for areas that have deep pits, holes, or trenches and try to repair them before the mobile crane coming out. If you are moving equipment or bunches of materials, make sure they are already bound safely and ready to be moved.

Communicate How the Space Should Look

Boom truck rental companies like Dependable Crane in Sacramento will gladly answer any questions you may have about how the jobsite should look before they arrive. They will offer recommendations regarding the setup space for your mobile crane rental. They want to complete the job as safely and efficiently as you do because it cuts down on their maintenance and staff costs.

Only Use OSHA-Certified Operators

A good boom truck rental company near me will have qualified and fully OSHA-certified staff operators on hand for use by their clients. These operators come with a wealth of experience and knowledge amateurs just do not have yet. They also have the certifications necessary to operate safely and cut down on any unfortunate accidents that can shut down a job site for weeks, costing you a lot of money.

Only Rent from Reputable Boom Truck Companies

The most important thing you can do when finding a mobile crane rental company near me is making sure they have a strong reputation for excellence. A quality rental company will work inside your budget and make suggestions about how you can get the job done right the first time. They want repeat clients and will be willing to go the extra mile in helping get you ready.

Using a boom truck rental company like the professionals at Dependable Crane will go smoothly. The rental company team will help you move through some points to get ready and provide solutions to your landscape planning with a mobile crane. They will provide fully qualified operators and work hard to earn your trust. 

When you are looking for quality boom truck rentals in the Sacramento, CA area, you should consider Dependable Crane. Their founder has leveraged his more than 25 years of experience in the crane industry to provide customized quality solutions with a “Can-do” attitude. As a result, Dependable Crane LLC has the equipment that you can depend on to get the job done with new and maintained cranes, ranging from 22 tons up to 75 tons. All cranes are OSHA-certified annually. In addition, all operators are NCCCO certified for your peace of mind and to meet your project’s regulatory guidelines.

If you are interested in working with the reliable, professional team at Dependable Crane, give them a call at (916) 306-7474, or request a project quote through their website. They are always willing to answer any of the questions and concerns you may have about utilizing a boom truck at your next Sacramento worksite.

Jared Maxwell

Jared Maxwell

Jared has been a NCCCO certified operator for over 15 years and is a certified lift plan professional. He enjoys spending time with his wife and dogs along with training BJJ.

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