The Unique Crane Rental Experience at Dependable Crane

Dependable Crane in Sacramento
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Regardless of the type of job, Dependable Crane provides a seamless rental experience aimed at providing customers with an excellent mobile crane service that meets their needs every time. While there are a number of crane truck providers in the greater Sacramento area, Dependable Crane is consistently the top performer for a wide variety of reasons. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons your experience with Dependable Crane will be uniquely tailored for optimal satisfaction.

1) Extensive Experience

When you’re looking for a reliable boom truck rental, experience is key. Dependable Crane has over thirty years of experience serving the greater Sacramento area. As such, you can rest assured that your rental experience includes a team of highly trained professional staff that have two focuses for each and every job: safety and efficiency. These goals ensure that your job gets done successfully and that you have high quality service that keeps our customers coming back.

2) 3D Lift Simulations

One of the things that makes Dependable Crane unique is our use of 3D lift simulations prior to showing up on site. Successful projects begin with proper planning. Recognizing that each job has its unique needs, our lift simulations allow us to take into account various obstacles and other restrictions for the job in order to create an optimal plan for your needs. The benefits of this include avoidance of idle manpower costs for the contractor workforce. The use of our web based 3D lift planning software allows us to virtually execute the lift prior to arrival, ensuring testing out of a proper plan for success. These lift simulations allow us to provide a custom-tailored experience for each and every job, providing prompt service.

3) 24/7 Support

When you need a crane truck, it is important that you receive optimal support that will allow your job to be done efficiently. Dependable Crane knows the importance of communication for each and every job. Thus, we provide all our clients with 24/7 support so that questions or needs can be addressed immediately. This level of responsiveness ensures that we are able to provide high quality service for any variety of job. A dedicated dispatcher for all projects further ensures that you will have a point of communication that is trusted, reliable, and professional.

4) Highly Rated Equipment

Of course, the key to success in any mobile crane experience is the quality of the boom trucks themselves. We use Manitex and Link-Belt Cranes that are rated for 22 ton, 40 ton, and 75 ton loads. This provides you with a wide array of options. Our cranes are routinely inspected and maintained to ensure efficient performance. Our website provides customers with information regarding line charts, area of operation, outrigger ranges, and load charts for each and every type of crane that we use. This will help you to determine which crane will best meet your needs and how they fit into the scope of your project. Of course, our dedicated project staff is always happy to chat about your project and provide our expert recommendations as well.

5) Track Record of Safety

When working with crane trucks, safety is both a moral and legal obligation. Dependable Crane understands the impacts that mistakes can have on project costs for our customers. Our accident-free project portfolio is the result of our extensive commitment to incorporating planning as well as our meticulous efforts to maintain our equipment and provide extensively trained team members. Additionally, our professional planning process involves assessing a variety of variable in ensuring the optimal equipment recommendation including load capacities, safety mechanisms, stabilizers, counterweights, operator controls, and rigging.

6) Highly Trained Operators

Cranes are complex, heavy machinery that require specialized training. When you hire Dependable Cranes, you can rest assured that your operator has extensive experience and training with the specific crane they will be using at your job. Our engineers have in depth training with safety procedures, proper placement, hand signals, and rigging. A focus on safety procedures such as appropriate hand signals is truly an area where our staff stands out. When considering the needs of your job, having excellent equipment is one thing; however, having knowledgeable, experienced operators is absolutely essential. With Dependable Crane, you get both.


Ultimately, there are many things that make your mobile crane rental experience with Dependable Crane stand out. Not only will you be guaranteed high quality equipment and highly trained operators, but Dependable Crane utilizes state of the art simulation technology to create a plan for the job before going on site, creating improved efficiency. With over 30 years serving the greater Sacramento area, our perfect safety record and 24/7 support provide you with the confidence necessary to know that your job will be done well. Booking Dependable Crane creates a hassle free crane truck rental experience!

Jared Maxwell

Jared Maxwell

Jared has been a NCCCO certified operator for over 15 years and is a certified lift plan professional. He enjoys spending time with his wife and dogs along with training BJJ.

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