Ultimate Guide to Renting a Boom Truck in Sacramento

Boom Truck Rental
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Not every worksite is built the same. Often, hard-to-reach locations require work, remodeling, or infrastructure needs that ladders and forklifts cannot reach. There are also the safety concerns of attempting to rig something together that may break and harm your workers. When you come across situations like these, you should consider the benefits of renting a Boom Truck.

The greater Sacramento, CA area has many unique building requirements that can prevent your regular contracting work. That is where the experts at Dependable Crane come into play. They are here to rent high-quality boom trucks with mobile cranes to complete the jobs you need servicing. Before you rent some of their equipment, you should familiarize yourself with the different operations of a boom truck.

What is a Boom Truck?

Boom trucks are mobile crane units or aerial lifts that give you the horizontal and vertical reach for out-of-the-way locations. They are an essential tool for completing work that requires a higher distance and is typically used for outdoor jobs.

The average boom truck has three main parts. First, a hydraulic crane lifts the worker up and over to their desired location and is mounted to one of our heavy-duty vehicles. Next, a personnel hoist attachment for lifting you or your workers, or a crane attachment for lifting supplies. Then there is a cab for controlling the boom or lifting arm of the crane. Most often, you’ll find fixed or swivel cabs. A fixed cab means the operator can only see in the direction they are pointed. A swivel cab allows the operator to move close to 360 degrees enabling them to see everything around them as they move the boom.

Sacramento has many back roads, buildings, and foliage that can get in the way of a challenging job. Boom trucks are often necessary to thread the needle to reach those corners and balconies that you usually wouldn’t have access to with smaller equipment. 

What Do I Use a Boom Truck for?

The operators at Dependable Crane offer boom truck rentals with 22, 40, and 75-ton capacities with a variety of boom lengths. This creates a fantastic practical choice for contractors, business owners, and homeowners through an increased application of maneuverability. In addition, the truck is available for driving in the same way a typical work truck operates and can be moved around the Sacramento roads at reasonable speeds.

Several industries require the use of a quality mobile crane. They include utility companies, construction sites, HVAC servicing, apartment complexes, and private homes. Boom trucks are best used on even, stable surfaces like pavement or hard-packed dirt and require OSHA-certified operators. This safety measure ensures everyone involved around the boom truck is safe and secure while the work is performed.   

Our trucks have been utilized all around the greater Sacramento area for everything from picking fruit to hanging signs to running industrial cables through buildings. We rent them out for people performing large art projects requiring a canvas you can see for miles and even for replacing/installing lights around our great city. The best thing about our boom trucks is that they are mobile. They are heavy-duty enough to travel and use practically anywhere you may wish.

What Should I Know Before Renting?

Boom trucks are meant to be used where a small forklift cannot reach. Our mobile cranes are mounted onto heavy-duty trucks giving them full maneuverability around your job site. They can be used indoors or out, depending on the structural integrity of your location. However, there are a few things you need to know before renting out one of our boom trucks.

To receive a balanced quote, you need to provide your project location, project duration, heaviest load you anticipate lifting, and the farthest reach of where you will pick. You should also provide a basic estimate of your project scope because you will want to know how long you anticipate needing the boom truck equipment.

Another advantage to using our mobile boom trucks is they come with all the power needs to operate the booms for your job site. It would be prudent to include information about lighting requirements and if you need operators or not when asking for a rental. The final factor you need to consider is common sense. Don’t be afraid to ask the questions you’re not sure are important. The professionals you work with should be ready to calm any concerns you may have and provide you with the expertise you need to get the job done correctly.

Rent Your Boom Truck Today

Boom trucks are incredibly useful machines to have available at your site location. They offer you a lot more versatility in completing your job with an additional reach vertically and horizontally. The mobile cranes are available on heavy-duty trucks that can easily travel most roads to reach your job site on time and ready to go.

When you are looking for quality boom truck rentals in the Sacramento, CA area, you should consider Dependable Crane. Their founder has leveraged his more than 25 years of experience in the crane industry to provide customized quality solutions with a “Can-do” attitude. As a result, Dependable Crane has the equipment that you can depend on to get the job done with new and maintained cranes, ranging from 22 tons up to 75 tons. All cranes are OSHA-certified annually. In addition, all operators are NCCCO certified for your peace of mind and to meet your project’s regulatory guidelines.

If you are interested in working with the reliable, professional team at Dependable Crane, give them a call at (916) 306-7474, or request a project quote through their website. They are always willing to answer any of the questions and concerns you may have about utilizing a boom truck at your next Sacramento worksite.

Jared Maxwell

Jared Maxwell

Jared has been a NCCCO certified operator for over 15 years and is a certified lift plan professional. He enjoys spending time with his wife and dogs along with training BJJ.

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