Articulating Boom Lifts Vs. Telescopic Boom Lifts: Which Is Best For A Crane Rental Near Me

Articulating Vs. Telescopic Boom
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There are many different mobile cranes in existence for various crane rental near me projects, and it is more difficult for some to choose between these various lifts than they can imagine. Lifting equipment is used in many industries, workplaces, and facilities around the world.

Boom lifts are also known as cherry pickers or Mobile Work Platforms (MEWP). Boom lifts use boom sections to place workers and tools in an elevated position for temporary access and flexibility during repair and construction work.

Configurations vary depending on how these machines fit into airborne work areas. Articulated (knuckle, articulating) and straight (telescoping, telescopic) boom lifts are the most common and dominating boom configurations.

 Each type has its unique attributes that make them more suitable for different types of work. For example, the JLG telescopic boom allows you to move further with more lifting capacity to get you exactly where you need it most easily and conveniently as efficiently as possible. Meanwhile, the JLG articulated lift is ideal for jobs requiring ” high ” objects or materials.”

 When choosing the right lift, there are diverse factors, such as land limitations, weight requirements, space concerns, and more. Besides, the right lift for your project is critical for efficiency, safety, and profitability when getting the job done.

Articulating Boom Lift

The articulated boom lift is the most easily recognizable type because of its distinct boom shape. Articulated boom lift uses multiple pivot points, called knuckles or joints on the boom sections, to give you length and reach, allowing you to stretch from above and vertically. The main advantage of articulated boom lift design is that it allows difficult positions to be reached around obstacles at height.

Articulating boom lifts are somewhat superior to others; although they do not go as high or far as telescopic lifts, these machines provide greater versatility to:  

  • Working in tight spaces, tight or narrow access, and confined work area
  • Pulling up and out to access work areas

The most common uses of articulated booms are;

  1. Cutting and trimming trees
  2. Public works
  3. Harvesting
  4. Rough terrain
  5. Large warehouses

Telescoping Boom lifts

Telescopic boom masts extend in a straight line using one or more telescopic booms to provide enough vertical reach for direct access to overhead work platforms. This design allows the entire horizontal reach of the mobile crane to be used for operators and crane rental near me.

 Due to their design, telescopic models do not provide access for working at height. This type of lift requires more workspace than articulated arms, including plenty of space around the camera frame for shooting and other movements.

 But telescopic boom lifts often lift higher than articulated boom lifts, which means these models provide both maximum height and maximum reach for:

  • Access to remote work, especially where there is a restriction to due to terrain or obstacles.
  • Enter the job site quickly.

Telescopic lift applications that you can imagine include scaffolding, window cleaning, building maintenance, and even pruning and cutting trees.

 Some common applications of Telescopic Lift are Scaffolding, High-rise Window Cleaning, Building Maintenance, New Construction, Import and Export Water Port, and increasing access to obstacles

When to choose Articulated Arm?

When access is required in tight work areas, slim models are ideal for the tightest and most congested spaces. Example: Genie® 62 ft. Articulated Boom Lifts Z ™ and below do not pivot at the rear end, which means the far end of the turntable does not protrude beyond the edge of the chassis as they rotate.

When there is a requirement for the Obstacles approach, Articulated booms have a lower horizontal reach than telescopic booms but provide more flexibility in reaching, entering, and exiting the work area.

For indoor activities, Industrial vehicles run on direct current or clean fuel (LPG) and have third-party tires for indoor use.

 When there is a need to go over rough terrain, accessibility for these models is often just as important as working height.

 In a rough, unimproved workplace, telescopic four-wheel steering and active swinging axle are designed for maximum traction and handling.

 When to choose a telescopic boom?

When carrying operations out on a rugged, unimproved worksite for maximum traction and terrain ability, telescopic boom lifts with four-wheel drive and active oscillating axles are the best fit.

When there is a need for more productivity, telescopic booms are designed for quick transition to a working position.

Tips for choosing one versus the other

It is essential to know the specific work-at-height required for each project before deciding on the mobile crane to be used in crane rental near me.

Before choosing the right boom lift for various applications, consider the following factors:

  1. Agility and Flexibility

 Articulated joints will be the preferred choice for applications requiring flexibility to access objects such as chimneys, roof or truss beams, HVAC or electrical fittings, floors in buildings, buildings, or warehouses. In contrast, Telescopic lifting racks will be the best choice for applications requiring flexibility in lifting, such as in multi-storey buildings or far away on lower floors, such as under a bridge.

  • Workplace conditions

 Articulated boom lifts generally have a more compact footprint and narrow working configurations, especially models without swivel shanks, making them ideal for workspaces where space is limited. While Telescopic models perform best on construction sites where there is plenty of room for turning and reach.

  • Outreach

 The articulated model can give you multiple angles and reach for upcoming heights. While Telescopic lifts can often be lifted above articulated lifts (depending on make and model).


 When choosing a mobile crane from a crane rental near me, the easiest way to differentiate between articulated boom lifts and telescopic boom lifts is that telescopic boom lift can get people and materials into place and hold them there. In comparison, articulated models are better for maneuvering. Move people and materials around obstacles and in different positions with dexterity.

Jared Maxwell

Jared Maxwell

Jared has been a NCCCO certified operator for over 15 years and is a certified lift plan professional. He enjoys spending time with his wife and dogs along with training BJJ.

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